Deco Walls

DECOWALL® is the new Self-Adhesive Wallcovering.  It’s waterproof.  It comes in rolls of 60cm wide x 5m long, printed with high-tech devices and high-resolution images with different motives on the construction materials style. Covers 3 square meters and are suitable for walls, doors, dressers, kitchens, furniture, etc.

With Decowall® giving a 3D life-effect to your walls has never been so fast and simple! With this amazing DIY Wallpaper you can make your projects happen in no time with such a little effort. It is completely waterproof and washable. Ideal for your backsplash, any wet area even your shower, easy to clean and maintain. It has UV protection so it allows extending the life of its colors.

Also Decowall® is printed with high-resolution images and high tech mechanisms to make that 3D effect stand out and The power of the glue and adhesion quality of our wallpaper allows the incredible feature to be repositioned until it fits perfectly makes Decowall® one of the bests of the market.