Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Does Decowall® comes with adhesive or should be purchased separately?

No extra adhesive is required. Decowall® is pre-glued. Simply lift the back release
liner paper and it will be ready to be placed.

Can Decowall® get wet, is it washable?

Yes.! It is completely waterproof and washable. Ideal for your backsplash, shower
or any wet area.

Can I place Decowall® over the bathroom or the kitchen tiles?

Of course.! You can place it directly over the tiles. Clean and dry thoroughly
beforehand. When sticking it, do not push it between the tiles joints so it looks

Is Decowall® long lasting?

This product is unique. Its sheet characteristic with UV protection, allows to extend
the life of its colors, with an excellent adhesion quality.

When placing Decowall® do the images "fits" correctly with each other?

Yes.! After placing the first vertical “strip” from ceiling to floor, cut and take the
other strip moving it up or down until the images match itself correctly. When on
desired position, just press to adhere.

Which are the Decowall® advantages over other traditional building materials?

Is FAST: You can easily install it, with a medium of 10 sq.ft. every 5 minutes.
Is CLEAN: It does not produce dust, dirt or debris.
Is SUPER LIGHT: Customers can carry up to 2000 sq.ft. on a medium-sized car.
Is GREAT VALUE: It is much cheaper by sq.ft. and does not require the intervention
of a professional or buy additional material to be placed. (no cement, no glue

How should I clean Decowall®?

It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or with any cleaning product, as long as it is
not abrasive.

Can I place any Decowall® model on any wall?

Of course.! You can choose any model for any wall you want, simply: “create your
environment according to your personality”.

To which surfaces can I adhere Decowall®?

It adheres directly to almost every surface: painted walls, mirrors, plastic, drywall,
wood, iron, glass, aluminum and so on. Practically any smooth or curved surface.

Who knows how to install Decowall®?

It can be installed by anyone who has ever stuck a sticker or lined a notebook.
This product is simply a “big decal”. Also, on the back of each roll are a simple
illustrated instructions.

Which area can I cover with one roll ? and which are the roll measures?

Roll measures=16.4 ft. X 23.6 in. Covers= 32.3 sq.ft.

Does Decowall® cause allergies?

Absolutely no! Decowall® is totally antiallergenic, since its surface is not porous, it
eliminates the possibility of dust mites and its laminate creates an excellent antifungal
barrier. This product has no ink smell.

Does Decowall® have a textured feel to it? Is it matte or shiny?

All our wallpapers are micro-textured and it have a matte finish. Only the marble
model is very shiny.

The photos show it going horizontally. Can it be put also on vertically?

Sure! Vertically or horizontally. You decide, you create!